Care Guide


Below are some of the ways we recommend you care for your hat.

  • Storing in the provided box with the stabiliser is our suggested storage solution. The hat maintains it’s shape better if suspended like this.
  • Store the hat in a cool and dry spot.
  • Keep it dust-free in the supplied drawstring hat bag.
  • If your hat gets wet, gently wipe with dry cloth and place in the shade to avoid the shape changing.
  • If your hat gets marked, gently wipe it with a slightly damp cloth and dry in the shade.
  • Do not leave your hat in the car.
  • If your hat gets bumped, the crown gets dented or the brim gets bent out of shape, steaming and gently ironing are both good ways to rejuvenate it.
  • Steam - lightly steaming the hat will enable you to manipulate the damaged area gently back into place. Sitting it in a steamy bathroom briefly or using a handheld steamer works for this.
  • Iron - the brim can be ironed gently. We suggest a piece of fabric between the iron and the straw to prevent any marks from your iron transferring.